Conspace started as an company with the support of Vía Célere, an independent Spanish real estate company which is one of the most active and solvent ones in its growth.

At Conspace We do our best to improve our processes and products in the construction field, where We try to lead national and international proyects about Research, Development and Innovation, including different stages and providing the highest quality standards.

As developers of building blocks for construction we are focused on highly qualified sectors, such as: architects, property or real estate developers, builders, public administrations…in two ways: new construction and refurbishment.

Our vocation consists of providing a complete service in accordance to the customer’s needs: technical support, advising and counseling, carrying out specific building blocks and placing them in the definitive location. This means that the client will get a better and more functional run time and quality, reducing waste and other typical problems of traditional units.

We are specialized on building blocks for facades, bathrooms, kitchens and technical panels.


To improve our products, We have a Factory in Madrid where we apply the most advanced technics within the manufacturing process: Lean Manufacturing

Our team is integrated by a multidisciplinary group of profesional technicians who opperate with BIM (Building Information Modeling) and CAD/CAM for our robotized productions systems.

Conspace has a vocation of innovation, therefore, we keep improving with process reengineering and implantation of new systems and methods.


The Good Practice Code is the base of principles and values considered essential for the right activity development. In this regard, Conspace enters into the Code of conduct created by Vía Célere company.